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Lawrence C. Chao, M.D.
Board-Certified Ophthalmologist
Fellowship-Trained LASIK Eye Physician & Surgeon

Established in 2006, Chao Vision Institute is a leading laser vision correction center in Irvine offering personalized care, subspecialty-level expertise and CustomVue™ VISX Technology™.

While our on-site LASIK facilities reflect our commitment to refractive surgery, we also offer subspecialty expertise to manage complex as well as routine eye conditions.

Renown for meticulous care as well as surgical expertise, Dr. Chao has performed over twenty thousand cataract, LASIK, and corneal refractive procedures since 1998.

About Laser Vision Correction

LASIK stands for Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis. 

  • LASIK works by creating a thin flap in the upper portion of the cornea.  Both microkeratome-based and femtosecond-based LASIK generally have good outcomes with few complications. 
  • Using a cool excimer laser, the surgeon reshapes the cornea allowing light and images to focus precisely onto the retina to produce clear vision.

Still widely used, Photorefractive Keratectomy or PRK may be the recommended refractive procedure as an alternative to LASIK for selected patients. 

  • PRK differs from LASIK in that a corneal flap is not made.  
  • The eye surgeon gently removes the outer layer of cells (the epithelium) then applies a cool excimer laser to reshape the cornea.
  • Since it may take a few days for the epithelium to heal, patients may experience minimally more discomfort with PRK than LASIK.

Both LASIK and PRK are extremely safe and effective eye procedures to treat a wide range of common vision problems including nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. 

CustomVue LASIK at Chao Vision Institute
The VISX Technology WaveScan WaveFront STAR S4 IR Advantage

WaveScan technology was originally developed for use in high-powered telescopes to reduce distortions when viewing distant objects in space.

Compared to standard methods used for glasses and contact lenses, Wavefront technology identifies and measures imperfections in a patient's eye 25 times more precisely. 

At Chao Vision Institute, we offer CustomVue LASIK using the WaveScan WaveFront™ System and the STAR S4 Excimer Laser System with Iris Registration or IR.

What to ask your eye doctor about LASIK

Laser vision correction is an important event in your vision timeline.  At Chao Vision Institute, we encourage you to compare and contrast your  laser vision correction options.  Beyond price shopping, assess the surgeon, the facilities, the staff, other patient's experience, etc. 

Q. Who will be my eye surgeon?

Expertise - are board-certification and subspecialty training in corneal refractive procedures important to you?

Personalized Care - more than just performing surgery, will the eye surgeon be hands on with all aspect of your pretesting and post operative care? 

Q. Which services are provided at the eye center?

Commitment to vision wellness - does the center offers annual eye exams, pretesting, in addition to in-office laser vision correction? 

Q. What's the pricing philosophy?

Are the procedures all-inclusive or are there additional costs for eye drops, meds, or technology upcharge?

We invite you to schedule a complimentary LASIK consult to meet one-on-one with Dr. Chao, receive a brief eye exam, and learn amore bout laser vision correction and vision wellness at Chao Vision Institute.

Complimentary LASIK Consult

All-Inclusive Laser Vision Correction Packages

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Chao Vision Institute specializes in cataract, LASIK, and corneal refractive vision conditions and treatments.

See Dr. Lawrence Chao for a consult or second opinion if you are considering eye surgery, including Crystalens ™, Visian ICL™, and LASIK surgery in Irvine, Orange County, or the Los Angeles , Riverside, and San Diego areas.

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